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I Have Estimates from Three Home Renovation Companies: Now What?

Choice is an important component in the world today, especially when it comes to important projects and investments. Home renovations, for example. Residences and properties are at the core of our financial health and well-being, both as individuals and as families. Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have much choice in terms of designing, building, furnishing, and renovating our precious homes. There would be no way to express our personal tastes, much less protect our valuable assets by making good choices as opposed to bad ones.

Having an abundance of choice is a fundamentally good thing when it comes to home renovations, but it also makes things more complicated. This is true for things like furnishings, utilities and interior decorations—but it’s especially true when it comes to full-scale home renovation projects. These are riskier investments with higher stakes, and if you happen to choose a renovation company that lacks principles and doesn’t have your best interests in mind, the effects can be seen for years to come.

Hence the importance of doing your research and carefully selecting multiple home renovation specialists to bid on your project. But watch out—it’s important to know the difference between a bid and an estimate. A bit is a solid offer, while an estimate is merely an idea. When you round up the home renovation specialists to discuss your project, and they give you a dollar figure, it’s important to ascertain whether it’s a bid or an estimate.

Let’s say you’ve collected three estimates from home renovation companies who seem reputable and adequately skilled. What next? How do you determine which one is going to give you the best service and the best final results?

Obviously, part of your decision will hinge on the personal connection you have with the company and its representatives. For example, if one company seems rushed or impatient with your questions, while another takes plenty of time with you and gives you all the answers you need, you’ll be much more likely to hire the latter.

There are also a number of questions you can ask to help distinguish between home renovation companies, such as:

  • Who will actually be working on my home, and will there always be a manager or supervisor on site?
  • Who will I be able to contact, and how quickly will I be able to expect a response, when I have questions about the work in progress?
  • Have you perform similar renovation projects in the past, and can you provide me with visual references?
  • How quickly will your team be able to finish the project while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship?
  • Will my results be guaranteed in writing, and if so, what is the length and nature of that guarantee?

In addition to asking these tough questions, it’s useful to go back to your online research and look at comments and reviews made by past customers. Putting all of this information together should give you a clear choice for your home renovation project, and allow greater peace of mind as you move forward with this important investment.

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