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Exterior Renovations That Make a Big Difference

It’s time to talk about exterior renovations. Not all of them are glamourous, but many of them are vital. Things like siding, roofing and windows might not even sound like “exterior renovations” – these are critical components of the home, and neglecting them has big consequences. There are other exterior renovations that aren’t in the same category of importance, except maybe when you factor in lifestyle goals or market appeal. A three-season porch is one example. This is an attractive feature that can significantly elevate the lifestyle available at a home. It can also make the home more appealing to buyers – all in all, it’s an exciting exterior renovation.

But let’s get back to those “bread and butter” installations that can make a big difference.

Siding is a very good renovation for a lot of people, because it’s both structurally important and aesthetically significant. When your siding begins to weaken, warp and fail, the elements begin to penetrate beyond the siding and into the wall construction of the home. This is very bad news, and can lead from everything from waterlogging to mold problems.

At the same time, new siding goes a long way to change the look and feel of a home. Your curbside appeal can go up, and new siding will definitely have a positive effect on the market valuation of a home. The average vinyl siding project can reach $10,000 when the removal of existing siding is included. It’s a time-intensive and specialized task.

Windows and doors are in a similar category, though not as expensive nor, frankly, as vital as good siding. But doors and windows are extremely important in their own right, both structurally and stylistically. Entryway renovations on the exterior of a home can make a huge difference in and of themselves, when done by a talented builder.

And what about stairs, railings, decks and porches? These are also important exterior elements of the them, and they can really refresh the sense of quality and pride you take in your home.

When you think about it, all of the exterior renovations discussed here can and do make a big difference in terms of a property’s overall appeal, where you’re living in the home or just passing by. Since these are significant investments, it makes sense to proceed meticulously with the whole process, including things like choosing the right materials and finding the right contractor to install them.

Choose your renovator wisely

One of the wisest decisions you can make (probably the wisest) is to settle on a renovator that is renowned for quality, and has built a reputation as a true professional with the highest of standards. Skipping through this process without paying close attention could result in a renovation project that falls short of your expectations, whether it’s because a) the quality of the work was lacking, b) the service was no good, or c) budgets and time constraints were exceeded. Avoid all of these problems by carefully selecting the best renovator you can find.

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