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Five Home Remodeling Projects You Can Afford Right Now

img_0171Depending on the age and design of your home, a number of remodeling projects are probably already on your radar. Most homeowners are constantly aware of things that could be improved, renovated or completely remodeled. That’s the nature of having your own home to look after. You dream of strengthening those weak areas and eliminating everything that seems old or outdated. Eventually, one day, you’ll look around and realize you’ve created your dream home. At the very least, you’ll see the fruits of your labor when you decide to sell.

But there’s a problem. So many renovation ideas sit on the back burner for the simple reason that serious renovations don’t come cheap. The most desirable projects are generally kitchens and bathroom renovations—but unless you’re willing to get a bank loan or dip into that college fund, the price tag will probably be too high.

What kind of remodeling can you achieve without this level of financial commitment? When you know where to look and who to ask, it’s actually surprising how much bang you can get for your remodeling buck. Here are five projects with surprisingly affordable price tags and meaningful long-term results.

1. New Flooring

It might be new carpet, natural wood, or modern tile—either way, refreshing the flooring in one or more rooms can totally transform the experience of being there. People looking to save cash and reduce maintenance requirements may want to consider tile flooring. It can mimic almost any material in appearance, is durable, and is relatively cheap per square foot.

2. Crown Molding

People often think that crown molding is too expensive for their tastes, but it can actually be very affordable on its own—usually anywhere from $700 – $1600. The results are stunning. Crown molding instantly gives the room a regal and classic feel. Living ares and kitchens are two of the most popular areas to undertake this type of project—but remember, it’s a specialized trade. Make sure you find a home renovation specialist with plenty of experience.

3. Kitchen Backsplash

Why wouldn’t you give your kitchen an industrial, professional feel with a new backsplash? Even if you choose the most expensive material (stainless steel), it will probably cost you less than a thousand dollars. A basic ceramic design might cost as little as $500.

4. Front door and Entryway

The entrance to your home is an important focal point, but many people never consider this area when they think about home renovations. A new front door, as well as landscaping improvements around the entrance to make it more inviting, can be a worthwhile (and affordable) undertaking when supervised by a seasoned pro.

How far will your dollars stretch?

Home renovation is an expensive business. Design, materials, labor—everything adds up. It’s true that large-scale home renovations can (and probably will) push your property value in the right direction, but sometimes the initial cost barrier is just too high. If this is the case, consider one of these five affordable remodeling projects. If you partner with a reputable, qualified home renovation company, you’ll almost certainly love the results.

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