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Five Reasons to Demand a Guarantee in Your Home Remodeling Contract

Protecting your investments is important in this day and age. We see it all around us in the form of insurance, product warranties, and customer guarantees. People are constantly buying new products or entering into contracts for different services. All of these transactions are investments in some way, and hard-working homeowners will do whatever they can to protect themselves against unscrupulous service providers and faulty products.
Home renovation or home remodeling is one of the most important areas in terms of protecting the investments you make. People renovate their homes for a variety of reasons; perhaps they’re looking to sell in the near future, or perhaps they wish to make lifestyle improvements to their home. Either way, renovations don’t come cheap. They represent a sizable financial investment, and homeowners want to make sure they get a good return. The last thing anybody wants is a home remodeling company whose actions are unethical, and who ends up costing their clients a lot of time and money.

Many problems can be avoided by making sure you only deal with really reputable home renovation contractors. One sign of such contractors is the type of guarantee they offer clients in a standard renovation contract. Here are five important reasons to demand a guarantee in your home remodeling contract.

1. It suggests the company is reputable

Nothing says ‘reputable’ like high ratings, good customer feedback, and strong guarantees right there in the contract. Good renovators protect their reputations and your investments by standing by their work in strong legal terms.

2. It means the company is confident in their workmanship

A company will guarantee its work in order to give customers peace of mind (see below), but they’ll also provide a guarantee because they don’t plan on anything going wrong. They put the proper planning and expertise into every home renovation project, and pride themselves on avoiding problems and disputes.

3. It gives you greater peace of mind

When the renovator is reputable, you’ll probably never need to use that guarantee in your contract. Why? Because the renovation will be finished to a high professional standard. Even so, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes with a contractual guarantee.

4. It clarifies disputes

A contractor will seldom contradict what’s written in the contract, and if they do, you’ll have grounds for legal action. If the contract provides a guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship, that guarantee should be honored wherever appropriate.

5. It will probably hold up in court

Above all, a contractual guarantee provides clear, legally binding terms to the relationship between clients and home renovation experts. If there is ever a dispute, the language in the signed contract will play a strong role in determining the resolution or outcome.

Getting a good deal on home renovations

Making sure that you’re legally protected buy a strong contractual guarantee is one of the most important ways to protect your money when investing in home renovations. It spells out (in no uncertain terms) what the renovation company will be responsible for, and under what circumstances. Flaws in workmanship or materials should result in the contractor making necessary repairs or adjustments at no additional cost to the client. Remember – getting a good deal on home renovations is not just about the initial price tag. It’s about the over all value of the renovation and the repeatability of the company you hire.

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