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Five Repairs Every Homeowner Hopes to Avoid

When it comes to being a homeowner, uncertainty is simply a part of the equation. After all, homes are made up of many different parts, materials, appliances—and subject to all kinds of elements. Water, snow, rain, ice, heat. Even natural events you don’t see coming. Eventually, the average home is going to need unexpected repairs.

We’re not talking minor things, like a broken lightbulb or a new coat of paint. There are certain repairs that need immediate and extensive work; homeowners don’t see them coming. By all means, these are home repairs that nobody wants to deal with—and yet, many homeowners will have to.

What kind of repairs are we talking about, exactly?

1. Tree damage

Big, old trees are highly desirable in many neighborhoods. They add character and class. The give valuable protection from the elements. And they also tend to fall on rooftops and into the sides of houses.

Often times, homeowners are able to prevent this problem with regular home inspections, and by keeping a careful eye on any trees that could potentially fall on the house. Lightening strikes and wind are often the cause of these repairs, but age can also be enough. Even if the top of a mature tree falls into the house, there will be significant repairs to the roof, into addition to windows and siding.

2. Fire damage

Although proper precautions are able to prevent most fire accidents, there are still a large number of homes that are damaged (but not destroyed) by fire and smoke each year. When this happens, the repair bill can be huge. Everything from roofing and framing to interior fixtures and flooring may need to be replaced. In such a case, it’s all the more important to use a reputable contractor.

3. New siding

Siding has never been anybody’s favorite way to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Then again, when it’s time to update the siding on your home, the benefits will be immediate. Better curb appeal and increased property value can help homeowners recoup their investments.

4. Foundation repair

If shoddy construction is to blame for your home’s foundation problems, the first thing is to look over your contracts and find out if there may be legal recourse for you. New home builders who have guaranteed their work in writing will step up and address the underlying issues, honoring their contracts.

There are other cases—namely weather events like mudslides, excessive rain, or other natural events—in which a well-constructed foundation will need repair. This is when you need a truly experienced remodeling and home building professional, who understands how to solve the issue and prevent it from happening again.

What are your unwanted repairs?

Not every home renovation project is a planned, or even desired. The four repairs listed above are just a few of the many situations in which a project may need to be undertaken without warning. In all cases, it’s vital to have an experienced contractor on your side.

Have you had an unwanted repair recently? Tell us about it!

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