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Garage Building

A garage does far more for the value and practicality of your property than just offering protection for your cars and at Baine Contracting; we know there are many uses for a garage that need to be considered when you’re building.

Baine Contracting have been building new garages and renovating existing garages in Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1984 and our team are the local experts in the fields of construction.

When it comes to garages, you need to consider a number of things and this is where we can provide you with detailed knowledge and ideas to ensure your design matches your home.

We Design and Build

Our team of professional contractors can design and build you a garage to provide extra living space or guest bedrooms, additional storage space, recreational space, or a place to tend to space consuming hobbies.
Our team of experts are very experienced in the Jersey area, and we only use the best materials available.

Before we start your new garage building project, there are many things you should know, and be aware of to make the process as simple as possible. Our expert builders will help you through the entire process from planning to construction, so don’t hesitate to call and get the ball rolling today.

We offer strategic planning; from start to finish

We will help develop a strategic plan to create the ideal garage space on your property. We offer start to finish projects that will match your home or requirements perfectly. There is no limitation except your space and budget when it comes to your garage.

There are many things to consider for your garage including its purpose (or purposes), security, design, size, building zoning, doors, windows, dormers, whether you want it attached to your home or separate, the slope of your property, electrical, plumbing, and budget.

Gain and retain property value

Because a garage can be quite a substantial investment, it can also add an incredible amount of value to your property, especially if it is designed for multi-purpose use.

If you have a garage built that looks contrasting to your home it might have a negative effect on the value, and keeping with the theme of your home will guarantee better long-term value and return on investment. Using the same colors, roofing, doors, windows, materials and trim for your garage as your home will make the world of difference. Let us help with your choices.

Determine exactly what you want from your garage first. Is it strictly for your cars, do you need storage space for tools, lawn care machinery, boats, kayaks or sporting equipment? Do you want to install a workspace for hobbies or a home-based business? Do you want to create a guest room, or a fully functioning apartment you can rent out to create extra income? Do you want single level or double level? Do you want an attic for storage?

Knowing the size of space you have to work with, and having good knowledge about building zone restrictions in your area are also very important details to have on hand when you speak to us about your new garage. Knowing what you want to do with your new garage will help immensely for this detail.

Knowing what you want from the start allows you to be in control of your plan before you even talk to us about the build.

Before building, your plans must be approved by your local building department, and our team can help with every detail for the process. Knowing what is permitable before you start will save you a lot of effort, and even more money; so, allow us to help with this part of the process to make sure your budget isn’t blown before construction even begins.

We have been custom building homes and garages in Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1984, so don’t hesitate; give us a call today.