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Garage Conversion Opens Up More Living Space

Let’s face it: fewer and fewer people use their garage for parking their car. These days, garages tend to collect lots of stuff – everything from camping supplies to extra refrigerators. That fact has led many homeowners to consider a garage conversion…turning their garage into usable living space.

clutterWe recently completed a garage conversion project for a Jersey Shore homeowner. They realized that their garage was becoming a place where stuff was just collecting…beach chairs, tools, bikes, you name it…if there was no other place for it then it went in the garage. At the same time, this family realized the livable space in their home was at a premium. They needed for square footage but weren’t able to finance a large home renovation project.

Enter the garage conversion.

Working with the family, we identified the garage as a potential way to open up more living space while allowing the family to stay in their home the entire time without the need to invest in a major remodeling project. We worked collaboratively to identify the priority uses for the garage, drafted some basic designs and then got approval and got to work.

There were a few fundamental changes that needed to be made so that the space would feel more like a regular room and less like a garage. New windows and a door were installed, the walls were sheetrocked and finished, and updated flooring was installed. The space was quickly starting to feel less like a garage and more like another part of the house.

organizedWhen our work was complete, it was hard to tell that the newly transformed living space had ever served as a garage. The family has convenient new outdoor access, an entire room of new livable space and they don’t have to worry about their former garage becoming the dumping ground for toys, tools and other terrible space wasters.

Looking for more inspiration for to transform your garage into livable, usable space for you and your family? Check out these articles and galleries. Want to discuss the possibility of converting your garage? We have some ideas we’d like to share with you. Give us a call anytime at 732-840-4011 and let’s talk about how you can create more room in your home without major remodeling or major renovation. It all starts in the garage!

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