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Should I Hire the Lowest Bidder for My Renovation Project?

Whether shopping for shoes or a new car, no one can argue with how great it feels to get a winning price. That said, there are many goods and services that that are worth spending a bit more on? Because of the importance of quality.

Home renovations most definitely fall into that category. If you’re in the market to take on a home renovation project, you want to start by getting quotes from a number of potential contractors. While it can be tempting to sign on the dotted line for the lowest priced contract, there are a number of reasons why you should think twice before doing so.

Inferior materials

Any contractor who gives you a ridiculously low quote must be saving costs on their end. But where? How? One common answer is materials. If you’re taking the time and money to remodel your home, whether it’s your kitchen or your attic, you want to renovation to last. This means choosing a renovator who uses high-quality materials, and doesn’t try to offer rock bottom prices without being honest about the short-term value you’re getting. Low quality materials such as hardware, paint, siding or flooring will certainly cost less today — but they’ll being to show wear and tear in no time at all. A qualified contractor knows how important high quality materials are for creating long-term value and client satisfaction.

Inexperienced craftsmanship

In addition to skimping on materials, a ridiculously low quote for a project could mean there are plans to opt for inferior labor. This might mean hiring an inexperienced subcontractor, or hiring employees with fewer skills who are willing to work for less. The fact is, you want to make sure that your renovation project is done right and with superior craftsmanship. Remember — when it comes to labor, you get what you pay for.

More expensive over time

As with many things in life, low-quality renovations are almost always more costly than high renovations when time is added into the equation. In other words, hiring the cheapest contractor (unless that contractor is also extremely reputable) will generate other costs in the long run. Take windows, for example. Choosing the cheapest windows for your remodel will likely result in higher heat and energy bills, since the lower quality windows won’t provide adequate insulation and will have a shorter lifespan. By investing a bit more in quality products and service, your renovation is likely to enhance your home’s enjoyment and value for years to come.

Finding a Qualified Renovation Contractor

If you’ve taken the time to get multiple quotes from contractors, you’re on the right track to finding a home renovation specialist. In comparing multiple potential contractors, throw out any bids that are well below the average quote as well as any that are well above your budget. Of the remaining options, ask to see projects that they’ve recently finished and get the names and numbers of references you can contact. By getting examples of work they’ve completed and hearing about the customer experience firsthand, you’ll be sure to choose a contractor who will give you the most bang for your buck.

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