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What are the Most Common Home Renovations for July?

Summer is full of home improvement projects, and if you’re a homeowner, your list probably includes projects of all shapes and sizes. Many of these tasks – such as staining a backyard deck, or power-washing your home’s exterior – cannot really be considered “home renovations.” If we set all of these smaller projects aside and focus on the most common renovations for July, what kind of list can we come up with?

Based on industry experience and knowledge of what’s trending right now, here’s a list of common home renovations for July.

1. New siding

Siding is a crucial part of your home’s infrastructure, especially in New Jersey where the seasons are distinct (and temperatures can swing drastically). This is one of the most neglected home renovations or repairs, and it’s not hard to see why. It doesn’t give you the same excitement as a new kitchen or bathroom – but again, the investment is vital when necessary. It also does allow you to give your home’s exterior a much newer and fresher appearance, which is very enjoyable once the job is done!

2. A new ceiling fan

Sure you could rely on table fans, or even fans that stand on the floor, to keep cool. You may or may not have air conditioning in your home, but either way, a ceiling fan can be a huge asset during summer months. Many people love the quiet, steady breeze it provides for sleeping, and it offers refreshment all day long. Ceiling fans save space and look fantastic – but they have to be done right.

3. A remodeled indoor kitchen

Eating meals totally changes in the summertime. Suddenly you have all this fresh produce at your fingertips, and the type of food you crave often changes. Active families often focus on fresh produce, salads, and succulent proteins in order to keep themselves energized all summer. Smoothies and health breakfast options are also hugely popular. A spacious, renovated kitchen can be a huge asset in your daily life – this is one renovation that you’ll enjoy thoroughly, assuming it’s designed and done right!

4. A new outdoor kitchen

Kitchen renovations aren’t just for the interior of your home. Summer is the perfect time to think about an outdoor kitchen. But wait – isn’t that something only wealthy people can afford? Not anymore. Outdoor kitchens have become hugely popular, even in cold winter states, as a result of the constant usefulness they provide during spring, summer and autumn months. There are ways to design an outdoor kitchen that will prevent winter damage, so it’s worth asking a professional for more information.

Figuring out your next project

Whether your next summer home renovation is large or small, you might need help figuring out the best way forward. A lot of the more reputable home renovators in your area will be happy to have a conversation about your project without all of the sales pressure that you might expect. This can free you up to think about the question of whether your want to renovate on a DIY basis or hire a professional to perform the work for you. Either way, you’ll be better informed as you embark on your warm weather renovation projects. Enjoy!

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