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How Do You Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom?

A small bathroom not only gives a bad appeal due to the many accessories lying all over, but it is also hectic to use. This is because turning freely is quite a challenge, and this makes it feel and look cheap, no matter how expensive the accessories may be. However, did you know there are several things you can change in your small bathroom to make it look even bigger than it is? This article gives tips and tricks on the way to maximize space in a small bathroom.

  • Recessed Lighting

As much as hanging light systems and chandeliers look classy and elegant, they are not applicable in a bathroom with a limited amount of space. This is because they make the space from the floor to the ceiling appear smaller. Instead, use a light system that is recessed deep into the ceiling and this will make the space from the floor to the ceiling appear larger and free. The best thing about this type of lighting is that it can be placed anywhere, contrary to the protruding or hanging light systems that cannot be installed in the corners.

  • Use More Glass

Solid partition and walls make the space in the bathroom seem even smaller. To make use of the space occupied by the thickness of the solid walls, try using glass partitions and walls. These give you full access to the whole room, making it appear and feel larger than it is. This is because glass is thinner than solid walls. As you do this, ensure that the glass runs from the floor to the ceiling. You can also have your mirror serve as a dual purpose; the front side being a mirror, while the backside has small accessories holders for storing makeup, toothpaste, toothbrushes, tweezers, nail cutters and scissors.

  • More Shelving

To make your small bathroom seem bigger than it is, install as many cabinets as possible. For example, expand the meds cabinetry and make it bigger to accommodate the often-used items like shower gels and shampoos. It can also be made to carry things like toiletry and towels so that you do not have to build a separate storage room that would take up a lot of space. While doing this, install more cabinets and ensure that the cabinetry is recessed into the space behind the walls, between the beams. Such areas that you can have cabinetry include the space above the toilet and the vanity.

  • Free Up Floor Space

Instead of having a toilet seat that rests on the floor, install one that is slightly raised above the ground, to free up the space beneath. This way, the room will feel and look bigger, and makes it easier to clean, since there are no obstacles on the floor. Also, have the cabinetry above the vanity, instead of below it. This will help free up space below the mirror and the vanity. This leaves the room feeling and looking bigger than it is.

  • Change the Door

A swinging door, especially one that opens to the inside, makes the room look and feel even smaller. To make the most of the space occupied by the swinging door, install a glass door instead. You could even have the glass door in sliding motion, which provides you with a clear view of the whole room, hence making the bathroom look and feel much bigger.

  • Play with Colors

A dull color makes the bathroom look and feel dull, while stronger colors make the room feel even smaller. To make the room appear and feel bigger than it is, apply some light colors that match with the ceiling. In addition, you could try hanging some wallpapers and designs that trick the eye, making you feel like the room is bigger. Such wallpapers and designs include those that mimic the sky, beaches, forests, and plains.

As we have previously noted, the secret to maximizing a smaller space in the bathroom is by hiding many accessories out of the surfaces because these make the room appear stuffed, therefore even smaller. That being said, have most of the accessories hidden into the space behind the walls and between the beams. The only challenge with this is that it requires the expertise of a professional contractor and drywall. However, since you have some limited space, you do not have much of a choice and it will make your money worthwhile. If you are still unsure of the best ways to maximize space, you can ask experts to help you make a good decision.

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