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How New Doors and Windows Can Transform Your Home


We can all agree that this winter has been longer and colder than usual. With spring less than three weeks away, we are all aching for some extended sunlight along with the warmth and beauty that comes with it. As we’re waiting patiently for the warm weather, it’s worth talking about an easy upgrade that can not only transform your home’s look and style but also save you money; it’s time to upgrade your doors and windows.

Window and door upgrades and replacements are one of the most popular renovations nowadays, and for good reasons. First of all, windows and doors are designed to be energy efficient. Second, they are available in a variety of types and styles to fit your needs, save energy, look amazing and adapt to any size or situation you can imagine. Lastly, replacing windows can add a new dimension of character to your home while going easy on the wallet.

If your windows are old, worn-out and beyond repair, it’s a good time to think about replacing them. Some signs that your windows need an upgrade include trouble opening and closing, trouble locking, fogging up frequently and/or not closing securely. When you encounter problems like these, your windows are actually costing you money. Replacing them with new, energy-efficient windows will save you money in the long run by creating a solid, lasting barrier from the outside, keeping the cold winter air out and your heat in. Not only will the money you save over time pay for the windows, but also new windows give your home’s resale value a boost.

Do you know that you can claim a tax credit for installing windows that meet the federal government’s Energy Star Program? We can help find the proper windows that meet these government requirements and install them quickly and easily, leaving you to simply pick the material, type and style that fit you best.

First, lets consider the material of the window or door you’d like to install. Here’s a quick rundown on the options although we could always recommend what works best for your home.

The most customizable material for shape, size and color would be wood. Natural wood adds natural beauty and warmth like no other material. Wood is easy to adapt and fit to older homes with a historic feel, unlike aluminum or fiberglass. Although wood is a good insulator, one drawback is that it does not stand up to weather as good as other materials.
With thin frames that remain extremely strong, aluminum windows can be fabricated in a variety of styles and colors. Aluminum will also stand up to the salt air better than other options, an important feature for the coastal climate. The drawback of aluminum is that it does not insulate well against the fluctuating temperatures of our winter and summer.
This option is gaining popularity due to its durability, strength and perks of being relatively maintenance-free. Fiberglass can also enhanced with foam insulation to increase its thermal performance. The only relative downside is the cost compared to vinyl or wooden options.
Generally the most popular option, vinyl includes durability for a low cost. It is tough, strong, customizable, a good insulator and sustainable with no need to ever repaint. Although they might not look as nice as the other options, they provide great value for the cost.

Next, the types of windows are virtually endless and choosing one depends on look or functionality. If you were replacing windows that feature a beautiful view of your yard or landscape, casement or awning windows would probably be a better choice than double hung windows so that you have a clear view without any part of the window protruding your view. On the contrary, double hung windows are probably the most versatile and are perfect for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you really want to transform a room, think about installing patio doors or a bay window. These types of renovations substantially change the feel or the room depending on their style and size which both regulate the amount of natural light coming in to the room. Adding bay windows or a large window arrangement really opens up the room, creating an inviting vibe that’s perfect going into the spring and summer months. Adding a sliding or hinging patio door creates a beautiful gateway to your backyard or patio, increases airflow through your home and invites you and your family outside on beautiful days.

The options and benefits of replacing your doors and windows are obvious and virtually endless. Whether you need help with an unfinished DIY project or are looking for a beautiful springtime addition, we’d be glad to help you get in finished. Don’t hesitate, simply call us at (732)-840-4011 and let’s discuss what options and ideas interest you.

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