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How to Realize an Amazing Kitchen Upgrade

If you had to choose one area of the home to completely renovate, what would it be? For a lot of Americans, the answer to this question is clear: The kitchen. This is the room in the house where many people actually spend the most time. Preparing meals, cleaning up, gathering, studying, and the list goes on. Plus, there’s just something great about a kitchen that’s immaculately designed and presented. It makes life easier on so many levels, and it drastically enhances the lifestyle you’re able to lead at home.

But there is a catch: The kitchen is far and away the most expensive area of the home to fully renovate. Most Americans plunk down around $20,000 to make their dream kitchen a reality, and this is about twice the average amount spend on the next most expensive renovation: the bathroom.

Of course, there are important kitchen upgrades that can be accomplished for a lot less than $20,000. The point is, renovating the kitchen in any major way is going to be a serious investment. How do you make a smart kitchen investment?

Obviously, the first thing homeowners should do is conduct extensive research on their options. That includes a lot of small decisions and big ones. Will you install prefabricated cabinets, or will you have custom cabinets made? Will you decide on quartz, marble, or some other type of countertop? What about kitchen islands, storage solutions, and other important layout options? What’s the best option for flooring, and what color palettes interest you?

Developing a strong sense of what your options are, and how various choices could affect your budget, is an important first step. Most homeowners prefer to collect a lot of information and develop some fairly clear ideas about what they want before approaching a contractor to take the next step.

From here, it’s all about refining your plans and zeroing in on a detailed blueprint that satisfies your tastes and works for your budget. It’s fair to say that of all those people who invest an average of $20,000 into kitchen upgrades every year, most of them put a lot of thought into the process. This is an investment that should last for decades, and should impact your home’s market appeal and market value in a very positive way.

Putting your kitchen investment in the right hands

Kitchens are a big investment, so who do you trust to handle that investment for you? Only a contractor who has years of experience and training, and whose reputation is proven by happy clients, documented results, and competitive bids. There are many stories of homeowners who tried to cut corners on their renovations – or who hired a disreputable contractor who themselves cut corners – and paid a long-term price as the faults of the renovation became clear. This may be the most expensive renovations you ever undertake, but it’s also one of the most life-changing. By choosing a reputable contractor, you make sure that your kitchen renovation investment performs over the long haul.

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