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Is Your Home Renovation Company Giving You the Best Value?

Upgrading the home is an important way for homeowners to invest in the future – and this is becoming more and more true every year. As a result, the process of shopping for a good home renovator has become extremely important. Since more and more cash is being invested in home renovations every year, more and more contractors are popping up to offer their services. Some of them have been around a long time, and have built a solid reputation amongst their clientele. Others may have been around for some years, but they’ve left a trail of feedback that isn’t entirely positive. Finally, there are newer contractors who haven’t been around long enough to establish much of a reputation.

Add this to the many other factors that go into a decision to renovate the home – such as budget, design, lifestyle benefits and market value – and suddenly it can feel like you’re in over your head. Fine-tuning your renovation plans, and finding the right contractor to deliver results across the board, can seem like a daunting task indeed.

There are a few different ways to go about this process, but let’s start with the most obvious consideration: Budget. This is virtually always a concern, no matter what the size or scale of the renovation may be. It’s common for people to approach renovation companies and look for the lowest bids – and this is a valuable way to “weed out” higher priced contractors. Even so, the concept of long-term value should never be far from your mind. Specifically, it’s always useful to ask: Will this contractor really give me the best possible value? What about the materials used, the craftsmanship, and the service aspect of the renovation experience? Will the renovation go smoothly and according to schedule, or will there be no end to the headaches and frustrations? Does the renovation include a rock solid warranty that protects the customer from defects?

It may be tempting to simply “dive in” to your home renovation project, and get results sooner or later. This approach may result in diminished quality and long-term value. An extremely low bid is obviously tempting, but it’s important to ask: How is this contractor able to offer such a low bid? Do they have the same level of skill, training, experience and professionalism as other contractors in my area? Will there be extra repair and maintenance costs in the medium-to-long term? For homeowners who want to maximize their home renovation dollars, these are vital questions to ask.

Getting the best value from your contractor

Homeowners who want to invest in their own homes shouldn’t have to question whether a contractor will deliver as agreed and provide an exceptional long-term value – but unfortunately, these things are not a given. Negative reviews show up every day on sites like Google+ and Facebook, which means that certain contractors are not performing to a high professional standard. Steering your way toward a capable and experienced home renovator may take a little bit of doing, but your investment will stand the test of time.

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