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Kicking Off “Freak Finds Friday” to Raise Awareness of Local Beach Pollution

Just a couple weeks after our successful Beach Sweep in Brick, we’re launching a new Facebook feature on Friday called “Freak Finds Friday.” We, along with our volunteers, found some interesting, and in some cases, slightly disturbing pieces of pollution, litter and debris while we cleaned up the beach. In an effort to raise awareness of beach pollution, we’ll spotlight a few of our finds in “Freak Finds Friday” on our Facebook page.

Beach Sweep volunteers who may have captured additional photographs of freaky finds are invited to post them to the Baine Contracting page on Facebook so they can be shared with the company’s 2,850+ followers and fans. Those who assisted with the semi-annual Beach Sweep effort are encouraged to watch out for the “Freak Finds Friday” updates, and share those updates with friends in an order to help educate others about the challenges our local beaches face from pollution, litter and debris.

The next round of Beach Sweeps will be conducted in the fall. A long, busy summer at the Jersey Shore will undoubtedly lead to more freaky finds in the future. Until then, Baine Contracting encourages residents and visitors to learn more about and do everything possible to stop beach pollution at the Jersey Shore.


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