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Are Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans Realistic?

If you watch all those home renovation shows on TV, or if you read home design and renovation magazines regularly, you know how easy it is to get big ideas in your head. There are a lot of exciting things happening out there, and many homeowners are working hard to realize their kitchen renovation dreams. When you see those amazing before and after photos, and listen to people talk about how happy they are with their new kitchens, it’s tempting to roll up your sleeves and come up with a plan.

But what you often don’t see, especially in magazines, is how much time, effort, stress, and money went into achieving those stunning transformations. It’s true that kitchen renovations are among the most desirable and bankable projects out there—but they also carry substantial price tags. Dreaming is great, but when it comes to the real world of kitchen renovations, there’s no substitute for being realistic.

How down-to-earth are your plans? Ask yourself the following three questions and find out.

Have I put an emphasis on practicality?

Many homeowners see lavish or luxury kitchen amenities and think, “I want that!” Marble countertops, built-in pet stations, side-by-side refrigerators, custom tray ceilings and other lavish features may seem like a dream come true, but the costs will often outstrip the practical benefits. If money is no object, sure—it’s not worth cutting any corners. But if you’re looking to maximize your budget and get the most out of your renovations, it always pays to look at practical kitchen improvements first. More storage space, a kitchen island, new countertops and cabinetry—these are the practical renovations that are going to enhance your workflow and hold the most value over time.

Have I done a detailed budget assessment?

Diving headlong into kitchen renovations, without really knowing what you’ve signed up for, is one of the worst moves you can make. A detailed cost assessment for everything you want to accomplish, right down to the cost of nuts and bolts, is necessary in order to bring a project to successful completion. Homeowners who don’t budget their kitchen renovations with realistic precision might end up with half-finished projects, or finished ones that end up costing far more than expected. Neither scenario is desirable.

Have I consulted with at least two kitchen renovation companies?

For some people, the satisfaction of doing something yourself if worth more than anything. But for the rest of us, kitchen renovations represent an investment. Just as most financial investments belong in the hands of trained planners, most substantial kitchen renovation projects belong in the hands of capable professionals with years of kitchen renovation experience. At the very least, contacting at least two companies for detailed quotes is going to strengthen your perspective and bring your ideas down to earth.

Making kitchen dreams into reality

Getting in touch with a reputable kitchen renovator, especially one that offers free quotes, is basically a no brainer. It’s one thing to have good ideas and exciting plans for your kitchen. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, make some calls, and get down to the business of making dreams into reality.

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