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Looking for a Bathroom Remodeling Specialist? Most Common Complaints

IMG_7442People love freshly remodeled bathrooms. Why shouldn’t they? We’ve all been in bathrooms that feel old and outdated—because they are. On the other hand, it’s a great feeling to walk into a bathroom and be pleasantly surprised by the quality, aesthetics, and fixtures of the remodeled space. Homeowners who remodel their bathrooms to achieve a fresh, modern look routinely report high levels of satisfaction over the long term. There’s also the question of market value. Bathrooms can have a definite effect on the going price of a home.

Since remodeled bathrooms are so popular, a lot of contractors have sprung up to do this kind of work. Some are more experienced than others. Some are better trained and equipped. Like any trade, it’s important to consider the competition and make an informed choice. Investing thousands, or even tens of thousands, into home renovations of any type is a seriously investment. Homeowners need to know what differentiates a good bathroom remodeling company from a less-than-reputable one.

The truth is, on a national scale, there are many great contractors out there, doing quality work. But how do you find one in your area? One of the best ways to go about this is to consider what not to do. What problems do people typically have with bathroom remodeling contractors?

“You didn’t plan carefully enough.”

It’s the contractor’s job to make sure the client is on the same page, and understands exactly what’s going on. When this doesn’t happen, or when the contractor skips explanations and does not reinforce the plans verbally, misunderstandings often take place. The client is not happy with the work, or wanted something different. Sometimes this leads to payment disputes, which is not what either party wants.

“You took too long.”

The benchmark of a professional bathroom remodeler is getting in and out on schedule. The last place homeowners (or business owners) want extended delays and “out of order” signs is the bathrooms. A skilled contractor will schedule realistically in order to deliver a high quality result by a given date.

“You over charged me.”

Always look for a company that’s going to back up what they say in writing, and give you clear fee structures up front. Is it a bid or an estimate? What are the situations in which the fees could change after the fact? Avoiding payment disputes is a matter of choosing a company that makes their fees very clear. The goal for the contractor should be high quality result for the payment agreed on.

These are just a few of the complaints you see against bathroom remodeling companies when you check third party reviews. Fortunately, there are a lot of good, reputable providers out there who make their clients happy and work to address complaints before—and especially after—they happen. Finding one of these quality specialists could mean the difference between a beautifully refreshed bathroom that was finished on time and exceeded expectation, and an experience that was marred by complaints.

Best of luck with your bathroom remodeling dreams!

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