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My Home Renovation Has Flaws: What Should I Do?

Every homeowner dreams of commissioning renovation work, whether it’s a large-scale dream renovation or a few smaller projects that make a big difference. Once you’ve lived in a home for a while, you start to pick up on a lot of little things that seem less than optimal. Sometimes there are very important aspects of the house that you don’t like at all. You start making a list of various flaws and things you’d like to change. Slowly but surely, your plans for home renovations begin to take shape.

But what happens when your dream renovation turns out to be flawed in its own right? This is one of the most frustrating experiences possible for a homeowner. All that work, all that planning, and now the result is problematic. It might be that substandard materials were used. It might be that the workmanship was flawed. It might also be that scheduling commitments were not met, or that your project went way over budget. There are many different ways your home renovation project could go south, and none of them are pleasant.

The key to navigating situations like these is first appealing to your contractor, detailing the problems, and attempting to get a solution that way. At the same time, it’s important to understand what kind of contractual protection you have. Unless you signed with an illegitimate contractor, your work will be guaranteed in some way. The key is understanding specifically what is covered by the contract, and whether the flaws you’ve discovered fall under the umbrella of contractual obligation.

It’s also critical to understand that contractors do not wish to invite negative reviews or press – which is surely what they’ll get if they knowingly short-change an honest client. Discussing the situation in a calm and objective way is usually the best approach. If you’re noticing flaws after the work warranty has expired, it’s still a good idea to contact your home renovation specialist and let them know about the situation. In some cases, they’ll come to your home and perform an assessment. At the very least, you’ll get an explanation as to why the flaws have occurred, and what needs to be done in the way of repair and preventative maintenance. At best, your contractor will agree to resolve the issues free of charge – especially if it’s apparent that faulty workmanship is the reason why problems ended up developing.

There is quality help out there

The best thing you can do to avoid flaws in your home renovation work is to hire the most reputable contractor you can find. That means someone who is experienced, skilled, and consistently praised by past clients. You should be able to see examples of past work, and success stories of similar renovations. Lastly – and this is very important – make sure you totally understand the work warranty clause in your contract. You should feel confident that if there are any flaws in your renovation work, they will be promptly and professionally addressed by your contractor.

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