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Not In Love With Your Home? Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

Let’s face it; not everybody has the time and money to completely overhaul their home into an enchanted castle from a Disney movie. Although we love to dream big, we need to start off thinking small. With the holidays not far behind us, our wallets may not yet be able to handle the remodeling hopes and dreams that haunt us nightly. So in order to remain sane, take it easy on our wallet and and start a new project, lets look at some creative, fun, small-scale ideas that can make a big difference around your home.


1. An Island:
Adding a small island is an easy way to completely change the dynamic of your kitchen. An island can be as large or small as you please as long as it serves a purpose. It can add additional working and cooking space and even house your sink if you’re really looking to open up those countertops. An island can also house racks for your wine collection, drawers or hangers for cooking utensils, or cabinets for all types of storage. A larger island can also serve as an eating area by adding a few stools or a nice spot for friends to reconnect over a cocktail and appetizer.
2. Cabinets:
Cabinets say a lot about your kitchen. They can be functional or decorative and come in endless shapes, sizes, materials and colors allowing you to customize and create a kitchen that gives off any vibe you choose. Certain colors and textures can create the illusion of space, helping your small kitchen pack a big punch. Installing cabinets to the ceiling really helps utilize all the available space. On the other hand, installing open shelving on top of new cabinets, along with recessed lighting, can really open up the room and create a little area to show off some decorations or antiques.


3. Lighting:
Lighting can have the greatest effect of all on how we view or home. Adding or subtracting lighting can greatly affect the mood of a room. Having a small table or floor lamp is nice for a small, concentrated area but installing valance or cove lighting is a simple, elegant way to add a sense of depth and color to a room. Valance or recessed lights are also a great way to accent an architectural feature, like a fireplace. Something as simple as changing light fixtures or adding a pendant lamp or chandelier can greatly change the feeling of a room all together.

If you prefer natural light over artificial, think about changing your windows. Adding larger windows, especially from floor to ceiling, greatly increases the amount of natural light while creating the feeling that the space is larger than it actually is.

4. Floors:
Have you ever stopped to think what’s under that older carpet in the bedroom? You could possibly have hardwood floors lying untouched beneath. Pulling up some carpet and putting down hardwood is nice way to change the dynamic of a room, changing not only the look and feel but also the acoustics and lighting completely naturally. If your hardwood floors are starting to look aged, you can always sand them down for a fresh finish. If your floors are fine the way they are but simply lacking a little “something”, throw a rug down.
5. Trim and Molding:
Adding, replacing and eliminating trim and molding is a simple, fun way to give a room that little extra detail. Adding molding is a relatively inexpensive way to add detail and depth in an assortment of styles, adding contrast, color and class to any room or project.

These small changes can really have a big effect on your home, adding dynamics and depth, allowing you to get creative and really brightening up your space. Some of these ideas you can do on your own while some others may require our help. Whether you need guidance, a simple solution to a problem or a hand with your new project, we’re here to help. Give us a call anytime at 732-840-4011 to talk about ideas, budgets and anything in between.

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