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Outdoor Showers

Customizing your outdoor space to suit your lifestyle is important for comfort and convenience; and as the owner of a Jersey Shore waterfront property, the installation of an outdoor shower can change the way you look at hitting the beach. After swimming or surfing in the ocean, an outdoor shower will ensure your interior floors remain clean and protected for years to come, and provides an added feature to your home that you and your guests are going to love.

Baine Contracting have been installing and repairing outdoor showers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1984 and our team are the local experts in the fields of construction.

Installation Considerations

Outdoor showers come in many forms, from a simple yet effective cold-water shower simply to wash sand off, to a custom built plumbed hot water fitted shower with enclosed walls to allow you to enjoy a shower in nature.
Depending on how you intend to use your outdoor shower, there are many different things to consider during the planning stages. Baine have many very good options available to suit your needs. We have been customizing back yards for years in the Jersey Shore area, and cater for your specific needs. From planning to construction complete, we supply the best materials you can buy, and piece it together with professional craftsmanship.
What do I need to consider before installing an outdoor shower?

Firstly, you will need to consider the shower’s purpose, how practical you want it to be, and a budget. You will need a firm, level space that has good drainage, or at least somewhere that drainage can be installed. Our professional contractors will discuss the best options for your property, and how to get the best drainage from that point. We can advise options for how to make your drainage eco-friendly, to water your gardens, so there is no wastage.

Your outdoor shower should be located somewhere convenient on your property, with good sunlight to prevent mold, and if you can have a shower with a nice view, it can make the investment in the addition of an outdoor shower worthwhile.

Design essentials for your new outdoor shower:

  • Plumbing – We will help connect your water supply to your shower head and taps.
  • Flooring – We have several great options available to ensure the flooring of your outdoor shower is sturdy, non-slip, drains well and will last a long time. Options include stone, tiles, pebbles, concrete, and treated timber.
  • Drainage – We will work with you on your property to install the best drainage options based on your requirements.
  • Privacy –An open shower is great for rinsing off after the beach, however you may want to add some privacy screens or partitions to feel more comfortable.
  • Fittings – We supply many options when it comes to your fittings like drains, taps, exposed pipes, and shower rose.
  • Waterproofing – We will ensure the water from your outdoor shower will not cause damage or problems to any other part of your property, and we have many waterproofing options available.
  • Lighting – We will provide adequate lighting if you wish to shower at night.
  • Seating – We can add extra additions like seating to your outdoor shower. Bench seats and stools are very popular items to add to your design.

Your outdoor shower can be anything you wish it to be. Baine have many years’ experience in customizing outdoor spaces. Call us today to discuss your options.