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Is There a ‘Perfect Time’ for Home Renovation?

Renovating your home is an exciting prospect, but it’s also a serious investment. There are so many details to consider. Have you singled out the project that’s most important to you right now? Have you weighed all your options for that particular project, decided what kind of materials you wish to use, and come up with design concepts you really love? Do we have funds budgeted for this project and potential issues?

These are all critical factors in the home renovation process. Of course, if you’re hiring a contractor, this too is a critical step. If you sign with a reputable contractor, it can set you up for a smooth, predictable, straightforward renovation process. If you sign with a questionable contractor, it can set you up for a whole lot of frustration. At the very minimum obtain 2-3 references and check out every contractors online reviews. Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and even Facebook should give you plenty of solid indicators. Any contractor who has been around for any length of time should have 5-10 online reviews. The majority should be good. If you find that half or more are poor or negative, walk away. Why take a chance with your hard earned money?

People also frequently ask if timing is a consideration in home renovation. For example, is there a “certain” time of year when it’s better to undertake renovation projects? Can timing play a part in whether or not a renovation project reaches its maximum potential?

The answer is yes — timing can be an important factor, for a number of reasons. Here are some important time-related considerations for your home improvement project.

  • 1. Time of year
  • 2. Cost of materials
  • 3. Scheduling your renovation
  • 4. Out of order
  • 5. Weather forecasts

The importance of good timing

Good timing in home renovation is akin to good planning — and good planning always contributes to the success of any renovation project. Depending on whether you’re going for an indoor or outdoor renovation, the seasons will play a part on how quickly (and when) the work can be accomplished. The functionality of your home (a bathroom or kitchen being out of order, for example) is also affected by timing. Even the cost of a given project can fluctuate throughout the year. That’s why planning is so important, especially if you’re doing the renovation work yourself.

The last thing to know… is the unknown! Plan for things not to go exactly to plan. Weather, sickness, unforeseen errors or subcontractor issues, and a hundred other factors can derail a project for a few days or more. Know this going in and give yourself some wiggle room for “life”. Think of it as slack in the rope. Pressure often causes mistakes to happen that are totally avoidable. Give yourself the opportunity to make adjustments and breathe a little easier. Life as well as contstruction is just plain better that way! If there’s a reputable contractor involved, you should be able to get solid information and advice about all of the factors mentioned here. Good luck!

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