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Planning to Move? First Consider Remodeling

Out of all the purchases and decisions you’ll make in life, buying a home is among the most important. This is the center of your financial and daily life. Not only is it the place you come home to rest and recharge everyday – it’s also your main way of building equity. Unless you paid cash for the house (in which case it’s still probably your most valuable asset), each monthly payment brings you closer to ownership and greater equity.

It makes sense, therefore, that moving to a different house is just as big a decision. In fact, if you’ve already bought a house but are considering a different one (whether it’s for logistical or aesthetic reasons), the decision can be even more complicated than your first purchase of a home. First you have to clarify your reasons for wanting to move, and then you have to weigh the pros and cons of actually doing so. There may be children and schools to consider. You’ll have to think about what the commute to work will be like. You’ll have to decide whether the pros of moving to that new home outweigh the cons.

And here’s another thing to consider: Could remodeling your existing home leave you with a better long-term result than selling up and moving to a different property?

There are certainly many cases where the answer is yes. Families often like the neighborhood and location of their home, but lack the functional square footage or aesthetic style they need or want. They might end up moving to a different area to solve those problems, and the new neighborhood might be a lot less appealing to them. The overall compromise might be difficult to make – and it might also prove to be financially difficult.

Depending on what the deficiencies of your existing home actually are, renovations might be a more sensible solution. You get to keep all the things about your current home that you already love, while transforming those areas you don’t like so much. The result is a home that fits your needs.

The thing about home renovation is, there is such a wide variation in terms of quality and results. If you don’t plan your renovations carefully enough, or if you hire the wrong contractor, things can start going in the wrong direction – and that’s not what any homeowner wants.

A remodeling specialist you can rely on

If you check online or read your local business directory, you’re sure to find multiple remodelers competing for your business. This is good, because it gives you more choices on who to work with. But it can also lead to confusion, because this is one decision you want to get right. Spend more time reading reviews and talking to past clients who have done business with that company. Pay special attention to the web site and how well it’s organized. Ask important questions and gauge how well the company communicates. These are all important steps toward finding that one contractor who delivers results that surpass your expectations.

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