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What Are the Most Popular Home Additions for 2018?

As another year comes to a close, homeowners are consolidating plans for next year’s home renovation projects. We expect to see the usual high number of kitchen and bathroom renovation projects, as these renovations are always attractive, and tend to attract new homeowners every year. Flooring is another area that’s expected to perform well in 2018, particularly faux-wood and faux-stone tiles, along with a resurgence of classic natural hardwood.

Another area that’s expected to be on the radar for more homeowners next year is the home addition. The prospect of adding fresh square footage to a home is attractive to many, though it’s easy to be deterred by the idea that additions are too expensive and risky from an investment standpoint.

It’s true that additions aren’t the cheapest home renovation projects out there, which makes perfect sense. You’re talking about expanding your home, including the vital infrastructure like electric and sometimes plumbing, to encompass an entirely new construction. But when you compare to large-scale kitchen and bathroom renovations, many home additions are surprisingly affordable.

But that really depends on the size, scope, and nature of the home addition you’re considering. So what are a few of the most popular home additions for next year?

1. A second floor

It sounds daunting to add a second floor to your home — and the truth is, you’ll have to leave your home for awhile as the roof is torn off and the second story is added. But if you can take the inconvenience, you’ll be amazed at how thoroughly your home can be transformed into something bigger and better. With real estate prices constantly fluctuating, more homeowners are realizing that the best investment is on the home you already live in.

2. A new bathroom

Adding a bathroom isn’t a terribly expensive proposition, all things considered. And for many homeowners, it completely upgrades the lifestyle and experience of being in the home. Many older homes were built with tiny and inadequate bathrooms. Adding a new spacious bathroom can help bring your home into the 21st century.

3. A three-season porch

These are a perennial classic. They provide a great transitional space between indoors and outdoors, and are perfect for entertaining. These bump-outs aren’t that difficult to achieve, either — especially since you don’t usually have issues with hooking up plumbing or altering the foundation of the home.

4. A basement, attic or garage conversion

If you’re converting or expanding something that’s already there, does it count as an addition? Whatever the case, conversions are hugely popular for the value they represent. A lot of homeowners have “wasted space” that doesn’t really get put to use, aside from storage. Renovating and expanding these areas into vibrant, usable spaces is a great value for the money.

Additions are serious business!

No home renovation is as “big” as an addition. This is literally the process of expanding your home into completely new areas, or converting/expanding areas that were already there. If you’re going to take on a project like this, it’s vital to get the right contractor in your corner.

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