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Professional vs. DIY Home Renovation: An Honest Comparison

So you’ve decide to make your home renovation a reality. You’ve got some ideas, you’ve settled on a rough budget, and you’re ready to start putting a plan in place.

But there’s one very important question to answer first. Should you do the renovation yourself, or hire a professional renovator to do it for you?

When most people ask themselves this question, a few basic thoughts come to mind. DIY could result in savings and greater pride in the work. Bringing in the pros might involve higher costs, but will result in better quality work and a shorter overall project duration. These may be oversimplifications, but people generally break it down this way. Cost, quality, stress and project duration are the four main considerations.

1. Are You Skilled Enough?

In today’s world of DIY guides and videos, it’s tempting to believe that just about anybody can tackle just about any kind of home renovation. While it’s true that many types of renovation can be learned and executed with no prior knowledge or experience, there are plenty of more advanced renovations which, if attempted in a haphazard way, can lead to spiraling costs and frustrating results. In many cases, it becomes necessary to bring in professionals to correct faulty work that has already been done. So ask yourself: Is this really something that I have the chops to do right?

2. Do You Have Enough Time and Energy?

If you consider home renovation projects relaxing and enjoyable, then getting down to the nitty-gritty after a long day’s work might be a good prospect. Tiling the bathroom at 9:30pm after a full day of conference calls is another thing. And don’t you also have a life to lead?

It’s important to ask yourself whether you really have the time and energy to perform the renovation you have in mind, and to learn everything that needs to be learned. Making an honest assessment of your skill level, the time you’re willing to spend, and the level of stress you’re willing to take on are key factors in deciding whether to go DIY.

3. What’s Your Budget?

Many people choose to go DIY for purely financial reasons. The cost savings offered by a quality DIY renovations are tempting. However, the allure of savings rarely lives up the reality. The less experienced and skilled the renovator, the more likely mistakes will be made and have to be undone. Extra materials, time and learning will also be necessary in most cases. In the end, the cost of some DIY projects actually eclipses that of professional work. This is because qualified professionals are generally able to give an accurate estimate and complete the job to a high standard within the established timeframe and budget.

4. How Important is Privacy?

Qualified renovators will do their best to stay out of your way—but the bottom line is if you hire a professional home renovator, you’ll have strangers making a lot of noise in your home for several weeks. Some people want to avoid this situation, and will lean toward DIY for the increased privacy it offers. On the other hand, if you don’t mind the temporary intrusion, professional renovators can give you a result that you simply may not be able to give yourself!

Professional or DIY?

We’ve listed some of the main things to factor into your decision, but there are obviously many more. It may help to speak with friends, family or colleagues about their renovation experiences to get a better sense of where you stand and what kind of solution would work best for you. Qualified renovation companies should also be able to answer questions and provide estimates for free, without any hassle. Using all the resources at your disposal to help you make this decision will ultimately give you a better result.

We hope this post has been insightful! Feel free to leave your comments below.

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