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Renovating for Winter: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Any home renovation project is exciting. It’s a chance to put your heart and soul into your property, and transform it to achieve your goals. Those goals might involve living a better lifestyle at home — or they might involve getting a better reaction from the market, assuming you want to sell or refinance. Better equity is always a good pursuit, no matter how long you intend to stay in your current home.

But which home renovation projects are the most exciting? This is obviously a subjective thing, and everyone is going to have a different answer. Many people will talk about a complete kitchen update, or freshly renovated bathrooms, or a home addition that gives them extra living space or even a second floor. These are all very exciting projects. They represent a serious investment, but levels of satisfaction are very high — assuming, of course, that a reputable contractor is behind the project.

Arguably, though, the most exciting renovation ideas involve smaller things that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. In a state like New Jersey where winters can be on the chilly side, this might involve making changes that make a home more efficient and more livable during winter months, while also having other benefits. What kind of changes are we talking about?

1. New windows

It’s no secret that a lot of heat is lost through windows every year, but many homeowners aren’t motivated to do much about it. On paper, new windows don’t necessary sound like the most exciting renovation project out there. But investing in new windows has many advantages. It transforms the look of the home from both the inside and the outside. It can also lead to significant improvements in terms of heating efficiency. And when the hot weather of summer rolls around, cooling will be more efficient too.

2. New insulation

Some homes are just poorly insulated, and could use an update in this respect. Others have certain areas (attics, basements) that lack decent insulation. Hiring a professional to improve insulation in key areas of your home can make a huge difference when it comes to weathering the tough winter months and lowering your energy bills.

3. New entryways

People often don’t realize how much heat can be lost through an old, dated, or improperly installed doorway. Front entryways are a great renovation for winter because they can be achieved for a relatively small investment, they can help create a better seal against the elements to make heating more efficient, and they add serious curb appeal when planned and executed correctly. Homeowners are often amazed at how a new entryway can transform the appearance of their home from the outside and from the inside. For many people, the other benefits are just a cherry on top.

Renovations for all seasons

The best home renovation contractors in your area should have a wealth of knowledge regarding what projects will give you the greatest benefit for the winter months, and throughout the year. You shouldn’t have to feel like you have a final plan in place before you approach a contractor — and you should always expect to have your questions answered patiently and with no obligation! After all, home renovation is an important investment, not matter how big or small the project may be, and no matter how what the weather is like outside.

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