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Avoid These Costly Summer Renovation Mistakes

The arrival of the summer months, for many homeowners, often signals the beginning of home renovation projects. The two go hand in hand, especially in cold-winter states like New Jersey. People want to take full advantage of the nice weather, and accomplish all of those tasks they’ve been planning over the winter. That goes double for people who are experienced home renovators and like to do projects themselves – as well as think about projects for which professional help would be required.

There are certainly many situations where a DIY renovation project is attempted, and professionals are later called in to clean up the mess. Obviously, they don’t mind doing so, since it results in business for them. But for homeowners, these kinds of mistakes can be costly.

The truth is, there are even mistakes that can be made when you hire a professional in the first place. It’s nearly impossible to add up all of the many mistakes that can cost homeowners time, energy and money when it comes to home renovation – but here are three of the most common.

1. Not measuring properly

As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. For many renovators without much experience, even measuring twice may not be enough. We can’t say enough about the importance of expert measurement in every single piece of building material or hardware. So many renovations result in noticeable imperfections that would be expensive to address. The culprit is often measurement.

2. Not using the right tools

There are “kits” and prefabricated home renovation solutions, and in some cases, these can produce very serviceable results. However, the vast majority of home renovations are going to require special tools for cutting, preparing, and assembling various building materials. These tools can be expensive, and people often try to “get away” with using what they have instead of putting money into getting the proper tools. Are there situations where you can get away with this? Absolutely. But most likely, not having the right tools will have detrimental effects on your renovation project.

3. Hiring a shady contractor

Let’s face it, the DIY approach isn’t for everyone. Some folks just want to find a qualified professional to do the work. That way, they can expect a totally reliable and professional result, rather than having to worry about delivering that result themselves. There is a wide spectrum of quality in terms of home renovation services, however, and it’s important to find someone you can trust. Many homeowners have stories about shady renovation contractors and the trouble they caused!

Making the right renovation choices

Advice is not hard to come by when it comes to home renovation. It comes down to where the advice comes from. Reputable contractors are always a good source of information if you’re looking to “stake out” a project; and decide whether to go the DIY route or hire a professional. Keep in mind that the best home renovation companies are often more interested in leaving a good impression on you and helping your cause, regardless of whether or not you hire them for a project.

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