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Why Are Reviews So Important When Choosing a Home Renovation Contractor?

When was the last time you thought about having your home renovated? You might have thought about doing it yourself, since more and more homeowners are going that route. And why wouldn’t they? There is a plethora of information out there. DIY home renovation has never been easier. So many options are available, it’s mind boggling. You can even buy complete kits for certain renovations, with everything you need included.

But let’s face it: There is always an argument for hiring a professional. A pretty strong one, in fact. A major renovation is a major investment, and some people rearranging finances significantly in order to finance a renovation project. This kind of investment has to be taken care of and put it good hands. Scheduling problems, delays, faulty workmanship – these problems are now all in the contractors hands. Finishing the job efficiently and with great skill, and delivering a great value, are the contractor’s responsibility.

So that brings us to the all-important topic of reviews. Reviews are important not only for the words they say, but for the experiences they imply. Let’s face it; not everybody has the same writing abilities, but even a poorly written review should give you a decent sense of what the person is trying to express. By recreating customer experiences through reviews, you can begin to imagine your own customer experiences with this contractor, and what it might be like. Sometimes, a contractor’s past clients don’t paint pretty picture. There are several very bad reviews, and the contractor has not made any effort to respond publicly to the complaints. Many of the complaints are similar, involving the quality of the workmanship or the way money and payments were handled. This is, of course, not a good sign.

Fake reviews are obviously an issue, and could be either positive or negative, but for the most part, it’s easy to tell which ones feel genuine and which ones don’t. Another great strategy is to ask the contractor for a more “customized” review process. In other words, ask for them if there are any past clients who would be willing to speak with you by phone or email.

But let’s get back to the importance of reviews when researching home renovation companies. The important thing to remember is that reviews are just a way to think about what your own experience with this contractor might be like. There are many other things to consider, aside from customer reviews. Does the contractor have an informative web page with detailed and vibrant photography, showcasing various completed and successful projects? Do they provide useful advice that aims to help you make more informed decisions about home renovation, whether or not you hire them for a project? This is the mark of a renovator who’s reputation is established and/or growing. Their skill, experience, and business savvy will translate to an excellent overall value in home renovation. All in all, it’s about looking for positive signs and choosing the best contractor in your area – and reviews can definitely help that process.

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