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Take inventory of your home!

homevalueWhen disaster strikes our home, one of the first phone calls we make is typically to our insurance company. A claim must be filed and an adjuster sent out so that the process of being reimbursed for your loss can begin. An important part of that process is documenting what was lost along with its value. It can be difficult or nearly impossible to put together a list of what was purchased for your home, how much it cost and what was lost after a disaster. We strongly recommend that homeowners develop a complete home inventory as soon as possible. Don’t wait until a natural disaster is looming.

Here’s how to begin the inventory of your home…

One of the easiest ways to inventory your possessions is to take pictures of them. When possible, take photos of individuals items from multiple angles and in good light. Be sure the object is close enough to see and understand what it is while also revealing any relevant details, condition, etc. Take photos by going room-to-room and then organize the photos of your possessions by which room they’re in. That will make it easy to recall what was lost or what was in a room after disaster strikes.
It’s not always possible to go back and find receipts from previous purchases. Bank records can be helpful if the original receipts are unavailable. For items you’re purchasing in the future, keep those receipts handy and put all your receipts in one place. It will make calculating the value of your loss easy, fast and accurate when disaster strikes.
Written Description
Write it down! Along with your inventory of photos and available receipts, keep a written inventory of the possessions in your home, when/where purchased along with any relevant details will go a long way should you need to provide a list of your possessions to your insurance provider in the future.. A short description of the item is all you need.

Produce a home inventory for your home as soon as possible. The days and hours before a major storm or other natural disaster should be spent preparing your home and your family. Taking a home inventory as you wait for the storm or hurricane to hit, if you’re lucky enough to have adequate warning, will prove frustrating, time consuming and most likely, inaccurate.

Taking inventory of your home’s possessions now will ensure that you have the proper documentation for the insurance company.

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