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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Wainscoting Backsplash

If you are looking for a unique and more sophisticated way to dress up your plain walls and guard them from scratches, water, and scuffs, then installing a wainscoting backsplash can do the job for you. This kind of feature is ideal for those sections in your house prone to wear and tear. Apart from protection, a wainscoting backsplash offers your walls with beauty and glamor. This article looks into the pros and cons of installing a wainscoting backsplash.

The Advantages of a Wainscoting Backsplash

  • An Eye-Catching Design

A wainscoting backsplash provides you with the ability to bring in an eye-catching design to your bathroom or kitchen. Wainscoting backsplashes come in many styles, materials, colors, and patterns. Hence, you can select a color scheme, material, or design that fits your taste. Going with a vivid design offers your room a visually stunning feature, while a more subtle pattern adds an elegant touch to your rooms. You can also go for a style that complements the existing design of your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Offers Elegant Protection to Your Walls

A wainscoting backsplash is very strong, and is thus able to protect your walls against scratches and dents. These dents and scratches are mostly seen behind your cooker since it is heavy and metallic. It is thus able to easily scratch and put dents on your walls. This is something that you can avoid by installing a wainscoting backsplash behind your cooker and other high traffic areas that are prone to damage.

  • Easy to Maintain

A wainscoting is very easy to maintain. In fact, any damage that happens on your wainscoting backsplash can be fixed through repainting or wiping away the scuffmarks. If you are dealing with a huge damage, the surface can be resealed and still look exceptional.

  • Hide Flaws

A wainscoting backsplash can help you conceal any issues on the walls above your sinks or cooker. If you have an issue on the walls that cannot be easily solved, you can hide it by installing a wainscoting backsplash. Doing this not only conceals the flaw but also leaves your walls looking stunning.

  • Keep Pests Away

Kitchens without backsplashes tend to be more prone to pests infestation. This is because the pests infiltrate the kitchen through the gaps on the walls. With a wainscoting backsplash, you can prevent the infiltration of pests into your kitchen.

The Disadvantages of a Wainscoting Backsplash

  • Dirt, Grime, and Food Particles Easily Stick to It

The greatest downside of having a wainscoting backsplash is that it is susceptible to grime, dirt, and food particles, which might stick to its grooves. The best way to avoid this is to have a good protective paint for your backsplash. You should also select the right wainscoting backsplash material because you want something that can withstand high moisture and humidity levels.

  • Scratch and Dent Damage

Wainscoting backsplash is susceptible to scratch and dent damage. Therefore, you will need to be very careful not to cause any damage to it by pushing pots, sharp objects, and appliances into the backsplash.

  • Acid Stains

Apart from dents and scratches, acid stains may also cause damage to your wainscoting backsplash. Coffee, orange juice and other acidic foods may cause permanent stains on the material. The best way to avoid this is to clean up such splashes and spills immediately.

Despite the aforementioned downsides, wainscoting backsplash is still a good way to protect your walls, especially the ones above your sink or behind your cooker. Apart from this, installing a wainscoting backsplash helps to unify the d├ęcor in your kitchen and bathroom, creating that matching style that not only complements the walls but also other elements like the sink and bathtub. Moreover, wainscoting can be installed at any level, depending on the height of windows, furniture, and other fixtures in the room. Furthermore, a wainscoting backsplash makes your kitchen and bathroom feel welcoming, warm, and comfortable.

A wainscoting backsplash offers you with an opportunity to give your bathroom or kitchen a new look without the need to make huge changes. This material can cover your desired section of the wall over your sink or cooker. Therefore, you can offer protection to your walls while still being able to introduce an eye-catching style and design. A wainscoting backsplash is also easy to clean and maintain. Nevertheless, a wainscoting backsplash is prone to dents and acid stains. However, these issues barely happen. Therefore, you should be good with your wainscoting backsplash.

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