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The Top Five Home Renovation Problems and Solutions

Home renovations are going on all across America, and let’s face it: Some are going better than others! The process of renovating your home—whether it’s a minor bathroom update or a full-scale addition—has the potential for all kinds of problems and challenges. Building materials and workmanship, sizing and dimensions, and budgeting are just some of the renovation roadblocks that can appear.

The important thing is knowing how to deal with these challenges when they arise—because in all probability, at least one challenge will arise during even the most minor renovation. So in order to better prepare you for what lies ahead, here are some of the most common home renovation problems and solutions.

1. You’re over budget

Many a homeowner has lost sleep over runaway budgets and renovation projects that just don’t seem to end. In order to avoid this stressful and costly situation, budget carefully from the beginning, and be sure to factor in extra building materials.

2. Your too trendy

Home renovation trends come and go, but there are certain styles and fixtures that never go out of style. Many homeowners later regret putting big bucks into home updates that too strongly reflected the styles and designs of that year, not realizing that it was more or less a passing fad. The solution? Stick with classic designs and elements.

3. You hired a shady contractor

There are all kinds of renovation contractors out there, from excellent and upright to downright shady. In order to pick a winner, look for stellar testimonials, a long history of successful projects, and an ironclad guarantee on the contract. Otherwise you could end up stuck in a bad contract with no way out except payment or court—and you have better things to be doing with your time!

4. You neglected key preparations

This not only involves things like measuring and deciding what exactly needs to be gutted. It also involves permits for the work you want to do. Chances are, someone you know has had a home renovation project halted or even torn down because they (or the contractor they hired) failed to seek the necessary permits before starting in. Always research exactly what kind of permission will be necessary and make sure you secure that permission before the project begins. This goes double for major renovations like additions or patios.

5. You misused (or misplaced) your tools

Tools are an expensive part of most DIY home renovation projects. It’s surprising how many people leave them outside in the rain, or use the wrong tool on the wrong material. This can be particularly dangerous. It’s important to know exactly what your tools are used for, and how to care for them properly, before using them on your project. Otherwise you could end up with extra costs or even injuries.


There you have it! If you’re aware of what can go wrong during a home renovation, and how to fix it, then your problem or challenge will be far less likely to escalate into a full-scale renovation crisis. Thanks for reading, and please leave any questions or comments in the area below.

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