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Three Bathroom Renovations that Make a Huge Difference

img_1570Recent homeowner polls suggest that bathroom renovations are in higher demand than ever. They’ve always been a favorite amongst homeowners who want to improve their lifestyles and boost their property values, but the popularity of renovated bathrooms in has surged in recent years.

If money is no object, you can tear everything down and start from scratch, fitting your bathroom space with all of the most opulent and modern fixtures available. Glass faucets, jacuzzis, mosaic tiles—the sky’s the limit. Your renovated bathroom might even end up featured in one of those home design magazines.

It’s more likely, however, that your bathroom renovation budget is limited. You may have thousands of dollars to work with, but even that will disappear quickly with this kind of project. That leaves one very important question that many homeowners are asking: What’s the best value in terms of bathroom renovations? What are some significant, meaningful bathroom projects that don’t cause budgets to skyrocket?

Luckily, there are millions of bathroom renovations every year, and plenty of feedback and statistics to make sense of them. When you take all the data on board, here are three of the most budget-friendly and results-oriented bathroom renovations out there.

  1. New Shower Stalls

Ripping out that grungy tub and installing a sleek walk-in shower is a no-brainer for the majority of homeowners—that is, if not for the high price tag. But does it really cost that much? If you already have a shower stall, upgrading to more modern and spacious design does not have to break the bank. If you do need that old tub removed, you’re talking about a fairly large-scale remodeling project. It may, however, not be as expensive as you think. The price for a basic remodel of this type can get down to just $2,000 or $3,000 depending on the configurations and materials you choose.

  1. Storage Upgrades

We all know that storage in bathrooms is at a premium. These are generally some of the smallest rooms in the house, yet only the kitchen has greater storage needs. Vertical space in most bathrooms is underutilized, while contemporary “pull out” cabinets can increase your functional space even more. Transforming the storage in your bathroom won’t cost an arm and leg, but it will give you a more functional and pleasant space. Built-in solutions are suitable for many bathrooms, while open shelving is also a trendy option.

  1. Change the Color Palette and Fixtures

Bathrooms often look dated and shabby because of the colors are dark, worn and uninviting. Brighter flooring, a new coat of paint, and modern fixtures might be the makeover you’re looking for. A skilled home renovator should be able to put together a package that will give you a better value than anything you could do yourself—and much less stressful.

The Best of Both Worlds

When the cost of a renovated bathroom approaches that of a brand new luxury automobile (a high-end renovation costs $26,000 on average, according to some reports), most homeowners will shy away—and for good reason. As desirable as a renovated bathroom is, the cost can be a big problem. Considering one of the high-value, affordable renovations listed here can give homeowners the best of both worlds—but only if the project is led by a highly skilled and reputable contractor.

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