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Three Common Mistakes When Searching for a Kitchen Renovation Company

When American homeowners decide to renovate their kitchens, they spend over $20,000 on average. That’s a significant amount of cash; and there’s good reason for it. Kitchen renovations are some of the most desirable (not to mention valuable) renovation projects out there. They can single-handedly improve the lifestyle available in a given home. They also tend to increase property values and allow homeowners to recuperate their renovation investment—sometimes even turn a profit.

And since kitchen renovations are a relatively “high stakes” proposition, the importance of choosing the right people for the job cannot be understated. If you’re going to invest thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars, you want to make absolutely certain your kitchen is well taken care of. Everything including design, planning, materials, permits, scheduling, customer service, payment, and of course workmanship should be exemplary, leaving no doubt that you made the right decision. Anything less than that is bound to leave you wondering: Could I have done better?

One of the best ways to avoid mistakes during the process of choosing a kitchen renovation company is to learn from the common mistakes others have made. Here are four things you definitely want to avoid during your search:

One: Not asking enough questions

Hey, you’re investing a lot of cash. And you’re putting a lot of trust in the experts who say they’re going to renovate your kitchen. For these reasons alone, you should feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want to. A reputable contractor will always seek to address every question, doubt or concern that comes up during the course of a kitchen renovation. However, if the homeowner does not ask a lot of questions, the contractor may assume that he or she simply doesn’t want to be closely involved in the details. This assumption often leads to the contractor and homeowner having problems down the line.

Two: Failing to check third-party reviews

A kitchen renovation company may have a good-looking web site and even some positive customer reviews on one of the pages there. But what are other people saying about this contractor, outside of the contractor’s control? There are several platforms, including Houzz and Angie’s List (among others), that may contain valuable reviews on the company you’re thinking about hiring. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in the position of having to write a negative review—and only then discovering you’re not the only one.

Three: Not checking the fine print

Anything and everything guaranteed by a kitchen contractor should be backed up in writing. Ask for a sample contract if you want to review the terms ahead of time. Reading legalese may not be your favorite pastime, but this is a big decision and a sizable investment. Going over the legal terms of your agreement and discussing any concerns with you contractor is only natural.

Narrowing the field

By paying attention to these common mistakes and sharpening your personal research of kitchen renovation contractors, you’ll protect your own investment and achieve better results. Happy renovating!

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