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Three Energy Saving Renovations You Should Consider

img_1484Some home renovations are purely for aesthetic value and style. Others are all about functionality, and making your home a more practical place to live. The best renovations, of course, bring you practical improvements while scoring plenty of style points. These renovations are hard to come by, though.

Have you been wondering about renovation projects that will give you more practical benefits? We’re not talking about new crown molding or marble countertops, although these are nice. We’re talking about projects make your home more ecologically sound and energy efficient. Renovations that really do save you money and make your home less expensive to operate.

There are a number of renovation projects that do fit this description, and when they’re put in the hands of an experienced renovation professional, the results can bring distinct advantages over the long term. Here are a few you should consider:

1. Seal and insulate your home for winter (and summer)

People often think that energy efficient “renovations” have to be expensive, or even high-tech. But improperly sealed doors, windows, basements and attics can be a huge drain on your wallet as heated (or cooled) air leaks out, causing your HVAC appliances to work harder. Finding these leaks and sealing them properly may not be the kind of DIY project you can do in one afternoon, but even if you bring in the help of a professional, great results can usually be achieved for a modest investment.

The same goes for insulation. A huge percentage of America’s homes are under-insulated, which forces your HVAC systems to use more energy. A home renovation specialist should have no problem finding issues with the seals and/or insulation in your home.

2. Install a new roof

Some people don’t realize what an important role the home’s roof plays in keeping the home energy efficient. But what type of roof will deliver the biggest efficiency gains for you home? The answer will depend on your local climate and seasons, as well as the specific design on your house. Any home renovation or roofing specialist should be able to give you a clear idea of how to move forward.

3. Solar panels and high-efficiency appliances

High-efficiency appliances and solar energy systems used to be expensive and finicky, but with every passing year the technology advances and the prices level out. Updating your HVAC and energy systems is now a distinct possibility. Not only will it lower your energy bills significantly, it will make your property more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Putting your energy saving renovation project in the right hands

The key to a successful renovation project like this is finding a specialist who’s been there before and can discern the best way to move forward, without compromising o style and appearance. Every property is different, and energy-saving renovations should be highly customized. By aligning yourself with a skilled professional — someone who has plenty of satisfied customers to back them up — you’ll be able to ask the questions you need to ask, get the right answers, and move forward with absolute confidence in your renovation investment.

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