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Three Home Renovations You Probably Won’t Regret

These days there are a seemingly endless number of ways to renovate your home. Not only does renovating make your property more attractive, current, and reflective of your personal style—it can also significantly increase its market value.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the bathroom and kitchen have remained the most popular renovation projects in recent years, followed by window and door replacements and repair to property damage. The renovations you choose depend on your own taste and needs, but there are a few renovation projects that the vast majority of homeowners end up being happy with. Here are three such projects.

1. Bathroom

A mid-range bathroom remodel might cost around $10,500, depending on where you live and what you consider mid-range. This level of project might involve putting in:

  • New toilet
  • Tub with tile surround
  • Integrated double sink and vanity
  • Ceramic tile floor and walls
  • Fresh mold-resistant paint

How good will the returns be if/when it comes time to sell? That depends on whether you hired a quality home renovation specialist, and also on the designs and materials you choose. Low-cost upgrades can also make your bathroom more attractive and increase your home’s resale value. Consider adding an interesting or dramatic mirror, repainting the vanity cabinet, and changing the light fixture.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is where many families spend a great deal of time and it’s also one of the first places homebuyers check out when they’re looking at a potential home. For these reasons, it’s a great room to renovate.

Kitchens contain elements that tend to deteriorate and become outdated, such as countertops, cabinet doors, cracked tiles, and fixtures and appliances. A kitchen remodeling project can also mean energy savings: homeowners can add high-efficiency appliances, solar water heaters, and skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting. The layout of your kitchen can also be changed to better suit your needs or your lifestyle; for example, your family may want an island to gather around and use for casual meals.

3. Steel entry door

Surprised? Adding a steel entry door offers one of the best returns of any home renovation project: homeowners often recoup their investment plus 10% or more when they sell their home. Steel doors are less expensive than doors made of other materials like fiberglass, but they are often attractive enough to boost your home’s appearance and increase its value. The average cost of installing a steel entry door is $1,218.

Steel doors can also make your home more energy efficient. They often have magnetic weather stripping, which seals your door well.

Can’t go wrong?

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen will almost certainly make those important rooms more attractive, more contemporary, and better suited to your unique needs and taste. A steel entry door gives your home more curb appeal and can help you save on energy costs, as well. What’s more, with all three of these improvements, homeowners will likely recoup all (if not more) of their investment.

But coming up with solid designs, using the right materials, and working with the right home renovation specialist are all important steps in making your renovation the best investment it can be.

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