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Three Popular Spring Remodeling Projects: Are They Worth it?

Spring is here! That means people are cleaning out their houses, opening the windows, brushing up the landscapes, preparing the gardens, and thinking about ways they can improve their homes as the weather gets warmer. Springtime is actually one of the most popular and common times to plan or begin home renovation projects, whether it’s a major kitchen overhaul or something as simple as a crawlspace conversion into a small office or bedroom. This is a time of new possibilities, and people often turn toward home renovations as a meaningful way to do something new.

The thing is, home renovation is a broad spectrum of things. There are minor projects that don’t cost much and aren’t very risky, like a small retaining wall or new light fixtures in the bathroom. On the other hand, there are more complicated and specialized renovation projects that require quite a bit of expertise and skill. Home renovation is an investment of serious time and money, and it’s important to get it right. That goes for renovation work itself, obviously — but also choosing what type of renovation project to go for.

Here are three projects homeowners often take on (whether DIY or with a contractor) during the Spring months. Are they worth it?

1. New outdoor deck

Gone are the days when outdoor decks were limited to simple, flat, boring platforms with a few deck chairs and a grill. Today’s outdoor deck is moving in the direction of lifestyle enhancement and functional square footage. Outdoor kitchens, multi-tiered designs, entertaining and exercise areas — these are some of the ways people are changing the concept of the outdoor deck. This is a worthwhile Spring project, as you’ll be able to enjoy the deck immediately during Summer and Fall. But as features improve, costs increase.

2. Better siding

New and improved siding can make a huge difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home — and it also provides better protection against the elements. This may not be your favorite projects, but it’s a structural investment that will pay off in the long-term, and Spring is a great time to do it.

3. Remodeling the kitchen

Some kitchen remodeling projects pay for themselves, or even make money, in terms of property value. But this is also a fantastic lifestyle improvement. Having the kitchen you’ve always wanted, with better workflow and storage spaces, can be a dream come true. But kitchens are expensive, and if you don’t align with a highly professional contractor, the project could drag on for months. Springtime is a great time for kitchen remodeling, provided you’re working with skilled professionals you can trust.

Choosing the best remodeling project for Spring

When warmer weather finally begins to show up, it’s a great time to put those home renovation plans into action. An effective project that’s started during this time can be done in time for the arrival of Summer. A three-season porch addition, for example, can be a great thing to build this time of year. Even if your home renovation plans are still taking shape, it’s still possible to experience much of the Summer and Fall with your new renovation in place. The question is, what project will you choose? And just as importantly, what kind of contractor are you going to work with?

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