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Two Things Your Kitchen Renovator Isn’t Telling You

img_1561When people decide to renovate their kitchens, they often take a very keen interest in the project. And why shouldn’t they? It’s a very personal project. It involves a serious investment of perfectly good cash, and a very formidable set of goals, including: restoring or renovating the kitchen, bringing it up to date, making the home more pleasant and functional, and leading to higher property values down the road.

Plus, we’ve all dreamt of designing our own kitchen. Your own ideal place to cook meals, wash up, gather with family, and prepare refreshments for guests. Kitchens are truly a rallying point for any home, and it’s no wonder people want to be closely involved in their kitchen remodeling project.

And yet, there is a wisdom to being open minded. Statistically speaking, many clients of top notch bathroom remodeling companies had very specific ideas going in. Many of those ideas are realized, but plans often change. Not because the homeowner’s plans are impossible, but that some new perspective came to light. The remodeling company offered a smart suggestion or pointed out a functional flaw, and plans changed accordingly.

Most clients who were 100% thrilled with their bathroom renovation experience happened to have an excellent rapport with the company they hired. They felt free to explain their ideas, and were receptive to the contractor’s expertise. Even if they don’t take the contractor’s suggestions on one aspect of the bathroom or another, the contractor was friendly and respectful at all times, performing the work to specification.

Having a contractor who is personable, respects your tastes, and respects the fact that this is your investment—these are critical qualities to look for. You should feel comfortable bouncing ideas back and forth, and speaking up about any doubts or concerns you have. Maintaining this high level of trust and communication is benchmark of professionalism in bathroom remodeling.

“Your Success is My Success”

Today more than ever, customer satisfaction is closely related to business performance and success. A contractor who understands this will want to make absolutely certain the client is satisfied with their new kitchen. This includes the initial contact, design and planning discussions. It includes budgeting agreements, contracts, scheduling, and of course the actual renovation process leading up to the final results. When the contractor is successful in delivering across all these areas, the client will express their satisfaction in online reviews and personal recommendations. This makes the contractor more successful. Make no mistake about it: You’re the client, but the success of your kitchen project and the success of your contractor’s kitchen remodeling business are closely intertwined.

“We’re Going to Realize Your Kitchen Remodeling Goals”

This is a basic statement, and you’d think most contractors would go out of their way to say it. Yet some homeowners have reported contractors showing up to a job site with a “ho hum” attitude. They may have the plans, and the tools, but they don’t really seem interested in delivering excellent results. A truly qualified kitchen renovator knows how to instill confidence on every client, and approaches every job with enthusiasm and professionalism. Always look for a contractor who is both confident and enthusiastic about your kitchen remodeling plans.

Starting off on the right foot

The more you learn about and research kitchen remodeling, the more you’ll know when you finally reach out to contractors and begin comparing estimates. Finding a kitchen contractor who understands and values your kitchen project—not only in terms of your investment, but in terms of their own reputation as a contractor—is a reliable path to kitchen renovation success.

Good luck with your kitchen remodeling plans!

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