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Using Radio Controlled Devices for Photography and Video – How Do You Feel About It?

Radio controlled flying devices (what are referred to sometimes as “drones”) used for video recording or photography are frequently discussed these days in the news and on the Web. Some people think the devices are just another form of technology, an innovative step in hardware that will create business opportunities, jobs and value for customers. Others believe the flying cameras are invasion of privacy.

radio controlMuch of the radio controlled photography and video discussion has centered around real estate agents. But as we see a broader array of uses and increased presence of radio controlled devices at public events, a bigger picture of the possibilities comes into view.

Builders such as ourselves, both in the residential and commercial segments, can put these new tools to use to improve their business processes and customer satisfaction. There’s nothing quite like getting an unprecedented bird’s-eye view of your home, business or potential property investment.

We’ve used radio controlled helicopters for photography and video at several of our job sites and at our semi-annual Beach Sweep in Brick. On such occasions, we end up with stunning imagery and video that allows our employees, clients and volunteers an opportunity to get an entirely new perspective on the work that’s being done.

We use Osprey Perspectives for radio controlled photography and video. By far, one of the coolest technological things we’ve seen is the ability to watch the radio controlled helicopter’s camera through a ground-based monitor. You truly need to see it to appreciate it!

A recent Asbury Park Press article explored the role that radio-controlled photography and video is playing in the local business and technology landscape. While there are valid privacy concerns, and regulations are needed to ensure safety and operational standards, there is also a huge opportunity for American-based innovation and high-tech jobs right here at home.

What’s your opinion on the use of radio controlled helicopters and other devices that take photos and video from the sky? Do you think it’s no big deal, a potential invasion of privacy or something in the middle between those two?

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