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If you are looking for an excellent way to customize your home’s interior and want to give style, elegance and grace to the build or renovation, one of the best ways you can do that is wainscoting. Wainscoting not only gives your walls added protection that can last decades, it gives every room unique personality that can’t be found with other methods.

Wainscoting is decorative wooden paneling that lines the lower parts of your walls, originally developed to better insulate stone buildings. It still serves that purpose today in many New Jersey homes and we provide expertise and experience to help you create something unique.

Our wainscoting services include:

Raised panel
Raised panels are the traditional wainscoting style, dating way back to colonial times. The decorative raise is fashioned by beveling the edges to fit together the same way as in traditional flat-panel assemblies.
Flat panel
Recessed flat panels are simple and feature clean lines starting from the floor with a baseboard, which can be built up with cap and shoe moldings. The stiles and panels slide into grooves cut into the edges of the stiles and rails.
Overlay Panel
Overlaid panels imitate the appearance of raised-panel wainscoting but offer for more decorative designs. Solid wood overlays between rails and stiles create a recess effect, and chair rails, ogee moldings, and base moldings are often added to accentuate the decorative effect.
Board and batten
Vertical battens and flat panels are the feature of this style. The difference between board and batten style wainscoting is that they often reach heights over 6 feet on your walls.
Common combination wainscoting includes tongue and groove combined with flat panels for a relaxed and elegant finish that works well in formal areas and bedrooms.

Our Materials

Although timber is the traditional wainscoting material; if your budget doesn’t allow for timber, we supply a range of other materials that are just as durable and high quality.

PVC plastic is easily paintable and smooth, but is also available in wood grain molding and sharp profiles to give extra elements of personality to suit your needs.

Embossed metals are popular as custom ceiling materials, however if you want something a little different for your wainscoted walls, embossed or stamped tin offer a robust long-lasting yet classically elegant and unique options.

Ceramic tiles are also a very traditional option for wainscoting, especially in areas susceptible to moisture like kitchens and bathrooms. Many tiles can be used as base and cap moldings.

Embossed MDF is a viable option for multi layered effects on your walls. The options are almost endless with MDF, and it’s also a budget friendly option. It’s also a great way to create shadow and lighting effects with clever lighting in your room, combined with recesses and embossing. Talk to our team to discuss your options here.

Gypsum board with raised shapes on the face of the panel is a great way to add unique character to your walls. Although not completely a traditional method of wainscoting, it can add a modern flair while still achieving your desired wainscoting outcome.

We have been installing wainscoting to new homes and renovations in the Jersey Shore area for decades. Call us today to discuss your wainscoting options with our team of experts.