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What are the Differences between a Deck and a Porch?

A porch or deck can provide a great addition to your outdoor living space whether you want a place to relax or entertain your guests during special occasions. However, the subtle differences between the two can help you decide whether you need a deck or a porch for your home. Having an outdoor space such as a deck or a porch can have a significant impact on your lifestyle as it provides additional comfort of relaxation and better ventilation. This article looks at the primary differences between a deck and a porch. The information on this article should help you choose one that suits your lifestyle and individual preferences.

  • Location

A porch is a covered area often located in front of the house where guests can relax before they enter your home. A deck, on the other hand, is usually located at the back or on the side of a house and is more like a living or recreational area. It can either be included in your landscaping along with a pool area, patio, or an outdoor kitchen. Although both may have a similar design, porches often have a covering while most decks are usually left uncovered. A porch and a deck can be combined into one unit if the porch extends to the side of the house but will be distinguished by the type of activities that happen on both sides of the house. Since a porch is located at the front of a house, they are considered an addition to your entryway covered by an extension of your roof.

  • Level of Safety

Porches may be less safe for children and pets because they are generally located on the front of the house. Because they are attached to the main entryway, they could lead your child or pet straight to the street. Decks are safer because they are located at the back of the house, which is often surrounded by a fence, or some type of railing. It is also easy to install small gates on a deck to prevent a child or pet from getting out on their own. Installing a gate in front of a porch can be cumbersome as it blocks the main entrance to a home especially when you have several guests coming over for a special occasion.

  • Purpose

The main purpose of a porch is to provide shelter and protect the entrance of a building. Since a roof covers them, they serve many purposes such as a reception area, watching street activity or can be used as outdoor storage. A porch can be designed with a composite door to provide a layer of defense against intruders. Decks are often designed for recreational purposes such as entertaining, relaxing, sunbathing, or grilling. They may also include other additions such as hot tubs, fire pits, and other built-in finishing.

  • Installation Method

The primary difference between a deck and a porch is that a deck is completely open while a porch is partially enclosed. If you are adding a new porch to your house then it may require the addition of a new roofline. This means that the installation method will be more challenging and costly since you have to put up a ceiling and posts to offer support to the overhang at the front of your house. Since a deck is open to elements, you may require materials that are durable and can withstand weather changes during different seasons. The material used determines the overall cost of installing a deck.

  • Maintenance

A porch requires little maintenance than decks because they remain covered at all times. The overhanging roof of a porch protects against natural elements such as heavy rain and ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight. A wood porch may require little maintenance when it comes to staining or thorough cleaning. It is quite different from wood decks, which need to be stained at least every two years and washed annually to maintain its look and longevity. However, the level of maintaining a deck or a porch may vary depending on the type of materials used as well as the installation methods.

A porch and a deck can both be used for leisure but since a deck is located at the side or back of the house, it is more preferred for relaxation and entertainment than a porch. A porch is meant to be a reception area for guests but can also be used for watching street activity or outdoor storage as it is located at the front of the house. It is important to understand the differences between a deck and a porch as it helps you determine how best you can customize each of them to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

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