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What Home Improvements Add Value to a Home

Most home improvement projects are known to be quite expensive considering the costs of labor and materials required to get the job done. Every homeowner would like to get the most out of their upcoming renovation project, which makes it wise to have a strategic plan of home improvements that add value to a home. There are plenty of options and the cost involved may vary depending on the type of home improvement and the area of renovation. This article looks into various types of home improvement that add value to a home and what you need to consider when implementing the project.

1. Building a Deck

Having a deck extending in the backyard significantly increases the value of your home. It makes it more desirable for people to have fun, relax and even party with friends over the weekends and holidays. This type of structure is a big deal for prospective buyers since they will be visualizing how well they can utilize the deck for entertaining their family, friends and other guests. The cost of building decks also varies depending on the type of wood used in construction. Although you might have a deck in your home, the value of a deck made of hardwood and one made of softwood or treated timber may affect the overall cost of selling a property.

2. Reinventing a Room

If you find your living room boring and everything seems to be common around the house, then you may consider reinventing the space. It may turn out to be an incredibly expensive project especially if you want to add more square footage to accommodate new furniture. However, you can still make good use of other spaces, for instance, converting the attic into a bedroom, or finishing a basement. Before you demolish your rafters or walls, it is always important to think about the ways in which potential buyers may want to use the space.

3. Adding Professional Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen is one of the most accessed room in a house when preparing delicious meals for a family, your friends or when having a party. A potential buyer who will be moving into a new home would prefer professional and high-quality kitchen appliances than the standard ones. It rates high with buyers since appliances are often commercial grade, which means they were designed for individuals who are more passionate about cooking.

4. Solar Panels

Solar panels are considered to be an eco-friendly upgrade especially when you install the entry-level home tier with the lowest price. A homeowner would want to save more on electricity bills at the end of the month, which makes it ideal to have a natural source of power lighting the entire home. It largely increases the expected home’s value since a potential buyer will be looking at the long-term benefit of having solar panels on the roof.

5. Heated Floors

This is one of the most luxurious upgrades that home buyers are looking for in their new home. Stepping barefoot onto warm floors on a chilly morning or out of a warm shower is not only an ideal investment but it is worth the extra cost. The system being installed needs to go underneath the flooring which involves ripping out the existing floor. Homeowners want a cozy and luxurious place to live in and they would not mind paying the extra cost just to enjoy this type of luxury.

6. Adding a Bathroom

People with families or those who will be expecting visitors more often would go for homes with several bathrooms. The cost associated with adding a bathroom will depend on whether you are creating a new room as an extension of the house or converting underutilized spaces. The choice you make will be influenced by your decision to include a bathtub or just a stand-up shower based on the available space. Whatever the choice, an additional bathroom goes a long way to increase the value of a home.

There are several options for home improvement or renovation projects that can add value to a home. The main idea behind any type of home improvement is to consider how space will be utilized and the benefit it gives to a potential buyer. Small upgrades and energy efficient appliances are very essential as they add comfort and character to your home. All the small efforts involved in any remodeling project pays off when it comes to selling a property to a home buyer.

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