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What is Wainscoting and Why Should Homeowners Care?

Part of the joy of being a homeowner is that there’s always something new to learn and discover. The art of home improvement is multi-faceted, and it allows you to use your creativity and tastes to come up with unique solutions and improvements that better your lifestyle and increase your home’s market appeal.

Wainscoting is one thing that a lot of homeowners today have not actually heard about – but it’s been catching on quickly in recent months. Anytime you have a renovation technique that looks great, and also has practical and protective qualities, people are bound to take notice.

If you’ve never heard of wainscoting and are wondering what it’s all about, here’s a quick explanation: Wainscoting is type of wooden paneling that looks distinctive and adds a classy touch to any room. Even more important are the insulating qualities it provides. The development of wainscoting as a renovation and building technique is linked to the need for better insulation in stone buildings. That was the original purpose. Today, it’s can be used in buildings of all types, and people use it for both decorative and insulating benefits.

There are also a number of different types of wainscoting, and a number of different materials to consider. The best professionals are able to offer varieties of this technique such as traditional raised panel wainscoting with beveled edges, recessed flat panels with specialty moldings, overlay panels with solid wood overlays, and vertical battens with flat panels. Each of these styles will add a distinctive visual style to the room. It’s even possible to apply a combination of these styles to achieve a totally unique look and feel.

The materials used in your wainscoting project are also worth consideration. Timber is the traditional material for wainscoting, but it can also be the most expensive. For homeowners who want to cut down on costs, alternatives like PVC plastic, embossed metal, ceramic tile, embossed MDF, and gypsum board can be utilized for amazing visual and practical results – at a smaller overall cost.

Where to turn for solid advice on wainscoting

Take a look at photos of professional wainscoting projects in order to get a better idea of the results you can aim for. This truly is a special technique that looks classy, traditional, and modern all at once. However, it’s critical to plan your project carefully and only work with a contractor who has proven their ability to deliver quality results and customer services. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a situation that is ultimately more trouble than it’s worth.

Experience and skill are paramount when it comes to quality wainscoting in New Jersey, or wherever you reside. If you’re looking for solid advice on whether or not wainscoting is a good option for your home or business, the best approach is to look for a specialist who knows the art of wainscoting backwards and forwards. That means finding someone who is experienced, reputable, and extremely professional in their approach. That’s how you’ll end up with enviable results.

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