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What’s the Best Way to Choose a Home Renovation Contractor?

One of the reasons why home renovation is often stressful is that there are so many details to cover. At the same time, you’re trying your best to stick to a set budget and time frame. This is why you need a good contractor in your corner. Your project suddenly becomes much easier and much less stressful; and you have expert advice to guide you every step of the way.

But it’s not always as simple as all that. Finding the right contractor can be a challenge in itself — unless you know what to look for. Here are five helpful ideas to keep in mind as you look for a contractor to make your home renovation dreams a reality.

1. Do plenty of online research

The Internet can show you many options available in your area, but client reviews are the real advantage of internet research. The ability to “curate” a contractor based on reputation and past results is a huge advantage. If other people have been pleased with a given contractor for jobs similar to the one you want done, there’s a good chance hiring them will work out well for you too.

2. Talk to friends or neighbors

Though the Internet is valuable in finding reviews from a wide variety of people, nothing quite measures up to recommendations from people you know and trust. Talking to your neighbors may prove especially beneficial, since building codes will be the same in your area. Similar supplies and materials will also be available — although this is less of an issue now, as a huge variety of materials are available nationwide.

3. Collect several bids/estimates

After you’ve done the research and reached out to your friends and neighbors, you’ll want to gather a few different bids. Not only does this allow you to compare prices; it gives you a chance to communicate directly with the contractor and get a feel for how the company does business.

4. Ask plenty of questions

A good professional renovator will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding any aspect of their company, or your project in particular. Ask about past experience, who will actually be working at your job site, whether a manager or supervisor will always be present, and what sets that company apart from others. You’ll feel more at ease if you err on the side of asking too many questions, rather than asking too few and being left in the dark as your project begins.

5. Make an informed decision.

After completing each of these determining steps, you should feel confident enough to make an informed decision about your contractor and be ready to hire. Was the contractor willing and able to answer all of your questions? Was your interaction easy and professional? Have past clients written positive reviews, and does the company have plenty of documented experience with the kind of project you’re looking to hire them for? If the answer to most or all of these questions is yes, your vetting process has been successful.

The job is under control

Having the right contractor on your side is a crucial part of every home renovation project. One you’ve got this part squared away, you can relax and be confident about the upgrade you’re about to get — after all, peace of mind is another big asset when it comes to home renovation!

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