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Will Contemporary Remodeling Trends Last?

If you’ve ever been through a home renovation project, you know just how many things there are to consider. You want results that make your life at home more functional and enjoyable, and you also want to express your creativity. But there’s another big question to ask. As an investment, how will your renovation perform in the long run? Will those hard earned dollars pay off in the long run?

This question becomes challenging when contemporary home design trends are taken into account. Some of these trends appeal to only a small percentage of potential buyers, and some tends go away just as quickly as they appeared. From this point of view, each renovation project is a balancing act between the tastes and needs of the current owner and those of future buyers. There are plenty of exciting renovation trends today, but are they really a safe bet? Is it possible that your home’s value could actually drop as a result of misguided renovation efforts?

The short answer is yes—it is possible. However, by taking a closer look at some of the biggest trends out there today, homeowners can tip the odds in their favor.

Open floor plans

This is a trend that’s likely to stick around and hold value—that is, when it’s done right. Before knocking down walls to open up space, consider how the basic statistics of your home will change. For instance, if opening up the ground floor means eliminating a small bedroom, that might leave you with a two bedroom home in a neighborhood where three is the norm. Open spaces with a range of uses are popular, and they’re probably here to stay. But it’s important not to eliminate important aspects of the home in the process.

Shiny surfaces

Wood is still the most timeless and classic material for many home renovations, but various metals have become popular in recent years, especially in kitchens. Metal countertops, appliances and even backdrops can add a modern, minimalist, clean feel to the room. Tasteful use of metal surfaces is another trend that will hold value only if excellent results are achieved through careful planning with a designer or home renovation specialist.

Going wireless

America’s homes are becoming more tech-savvy everyday, and the concept of “smart homes” is not far off. Building more wireless technology into your home, such as lighting and appliances that respond to commands from mobile devices, seems like a good way to add value and functionality, since wifi isn’t going anywhere soon. However, moving too boldly in this direction could easily backfire. Technology changes quickly, and the latest devices may seem quaint a few short years from now.

Taking your home renovation plans to the next level

It’s true that certain features and finishes have a “timeless” quality, and have consistently added value to homes throughout recent history. At the same time, tastes and technologies continue to change. When considering a contemporary home renovation, it helps to think about which trends will prove to be timeless and which ones will fall by the wayside. There are also cases in which the homeowner’s lifestyle goals and personal tastes override a certain amount of investment risk. Ultimately it’s up to you—although seeking feedback from home design and renovation professionals can add valuable perspective to your final decision.

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